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Are you looking for a sports brand like zebdia? A brand that has characteristics, a clear identity and is accessible to everyone. Maybe it’s love at first sight. Maybe you need to hear a little more about our brand, products and potential before you proceed.

We may also have relationships with other retailers, but we promise to treat you well. We will do our best to ensure that you are happy to collaborate with us.

Can you see yourself as part of our retailer network, and does your profile match ours? We promise you a partner who offers a smooth and successful collaboration and who values long-term partnerships.




We have years of experience in producing and designing sportswear with a focus on comfort and functionality. 



We tell it like it is. We do not overcharge for our products, because our products must be accessible for everyone.



Quality sportswear is not just for athletes, but for everyone on the go. It’s for people who play sports because they enjoy it – and who focus on movement and well-being.

Our promise to you includes: 

High mark-ups

Short delivery times

Option of continuous replenishment

Ongoing feedback

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